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AHelm's ZQ8 3LT progress thread.

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Brought this truck up from Tennessee to Pittsburgh to be my weekend toy. Was rather entertaining having three guys in a Cobalt for 11 hours, which ended with a short nap in a Wal-Mart parking lot waiting for the dealer to open.

Previous owner had the windows tinted, 22" Boss 330s, and some haggardly installed HID put in it. Also, the tails, and brake light have been "tinted". Those will go.

Bringing it home.

Couple pics with my Cobalt

At this point I've owned the truck for a little over a month now, and it's getting time to tear into it.

Found a Undercover ABS tonneau cover at a swap meet for $100. One corner is messed up and the harware needs blasted/painted. But for the price, couldn't pass it up. I'll probably smooth and color match it.

22's are way too big for these trucks IMO, so I ordered a set of 20's for it, wrapped in Hankook Ventus Evos. 245/35 if I remember correctly. This is how the truck sits now.

Ordered a DJM 3/4 kit (arms/blocks) from SS Colly earlier this week. Should be in tomorrow!

Also, sold the 22s yesterday, so I went ahead and ordered a JTR lo-pro tranny x-member, and a rollpan from modshop inc.

Cant wait to get this thing looking how I want it to, then I can start tossing go fast goodies at it!
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I touched it and I think Matt rubbed his butt on it.
I've never noticed any lime green transfer residue on it :shrug:

Had I, it promptly would have been burnt to the ground :lol:

Thing has been through a love fest then. Lol
You bite your tongue! My truck is a nice lady.
This thing rides much mo better! The kid/guy who did the mount/balance was awesome. Didn't get all bent from me being picky and asking questions.

Crappy pics as soon as I got home. I'll take nice ones once I figure out my hub and centercap dilemma.

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You bite your tongue! My truck is a nice lady.
Lol. Underneath that pretty white dress is anything but innocence.
Paintin muh center caps. Not a perfect match to the powdercoat, but close enough for being off the shelf duplicolor.

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Looking good :salute: We need to get the twins together soon :bang:
Let me know dude! I know you got your hands full.

Looks more like watchin paint dry :lol:
It's all part of the process :lol: Gotta make sure they don't misbehave.
breakfast stoudt ftw!
Local joint was blowing it out for $30 a case!

3 cases later...
Went to a larger classic car cruise on Saturfay with my dad, uncle, and brother.

Got some coverage from a little local meet later that day.

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Man that last picture would be so much better if your valance lip wasn't zip tied on :Kiki:

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That's how I blended in.
Nice color choice for the wheels. They looking good.
i love the red cobalt with the white wheels. he ran for COTM over there a while ago. thing looks mint.
Bryan's car is top notch. Not over the top, just always spotless.

The black one on the other hand, is nuts. LSJ-T that he just finished a big turbo swap and running E. Shooting for 400 plus on the dyno.
Wow , the wheels have made a big difference for the better. Love it!
I will say I was not sure how I felt about the look, but the video seeing you pull out the stance looks killer. I am diggin it for sure, I will be looking into your suspension mods to start on mine.
281 - 300 of 355 Posts
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