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Alarms with manual locks

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What's up guys I'm trying to install a car alarm into my truck but I do not have actuators. Is there a aftermarket actuators that will go with a car alarm, cause the dealers trying to sell me actuators for 250 each. Any help is much appreciated and it's good to be back!
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I've been reading and searching on the same subject.

One guy on here had the alarm installed by a shop and they charged him $10 or $20 ea. (ether or) for the actuators.

Ebay has kits all day long from around $30 and up. You get what you pay for though.
Yeah I was thinking Of getting something off if eBay or Amazon but this shop told me our trucks need specific actuators, so I'm just trying to clarify if it's true or not
Take it to a stereo or car alarm shop, hell even Best Buy could do it and I hate Best Buy. I had my single cab done and didn't have power locks. For an extra $10 the alarm shop was able to add actuators to work with the alarm. I have an extra one if you want it but it's only one. :shrug:
Ya that shop is lying cause you can get actuators anywhere. I have crank Windows and man locks too. Ima buy one of those door window lock kits off eBay for a hundred bucks or to add to my alarm. It'll be nice to have power ones once again. The only positive I can see to having man locks is this new shit that's goin on with some folks jumping key fob codes and unlocking peoples car power doors and robing em. Other than that this shits old
Here is what ive purchased but yet to install.

A1 Electric Online Store: MES Cable Style Central Door Lock kit for 2 doors with Avital 3100 Alarm

Our trucks use the cable style mechanism instead of the rod / bar. so the actuators will need to be the correct ones for the cable type.
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