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Amp placement

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So I have 2 amps, one polk to power my polk door speakers and a planet audio to power my 10" alpine type r sub. I have a extended cab so I'm not real sure where I should place these amps. I want people to still be able to sit in the back and I also want to hide my amps. My sub is going in a custom box that fits between my rear seats. Please help!!!
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I put mine under the cupholder plastic, but mine was a compact amp, or you can put in the storage box under the seat, but would probably need a fan or vents so it doesnt get too hot
My Alpine PDX-4.150 fit nicely under the passenger seat. Hidden, yet still easy to get to.

Listing the dimensions of your amp will allow others to help you better.
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This is what I have. They're definitely not compact but they were affordable and had good reviews. Any suggestions?


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Without the dimensions, you're making this more difficult for us to help you.
Break out the tape measure...
Polk is 13.5 x 8 x 2 inches and planet audio is 13 x 9.75 x 2.5 inches. Sorry about that yall. Hopefully you can help me out now. I was gonna put it under my passenger and driver seat but one will fit under passenger but not under the driver.
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