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2006 GMC Canyon Extended cab 4WD
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Hey guys..long time reader, first time subscriber and poster:

In January 2020 I bought a really clean 2006 GMC Canyon extended cab 2.8l 4WD with 150,000 miles on it for $3500 cash to be my work commuter. The guy I bought it from disclosed immediately that the head was cracked and he had JB Welded it. It leaked a little oil, but mostly dried up on the exhaust manifold shield. I didn't know that a new head was $500, but I was willing to do the work when it got too bad. NADA showed I was still in good shape on the price. Two months later, the engine ate it's timing chain guides and front timing chain. I had just put $700 in tires on it a few days prior. Now I can't drive it OR sell it, so I made the decision to yank the old motor out of it replace it with a verified 2007 2.9l from an extended cab 2WD with 91000 miles on it (at the time of the crash) from Veldman's Auto Part in South Bend, IN. It came with a 90 day warranty. I disconnected the battery first thing at the start of engine removal and put it on a battery tender, but engine computer was without power for at least 3 months. The motor is now in, there are no "extra" connectors lying around in the engine bay that I can't find homes for, it cranks strong and will briefly fire with a squirt of carb cleaner, but will not run. All electrics are functioning. (Btw, this truck has no power locks, no key fob, no power windows.) I immediately thought PASSLOCK ISSUE! Tried key re-learn with no luck. I took the truck to a small, local mechanic so he could put it on his computer. He's not getting information from the computer, he does NOT think it's a PASSLOCK issue, but he did confirm that I do have fuel pressure. For $200, he's going to put my truck on his rack next Monday, July 6th, for up to 3 hours to check every connector and every ground from my harness. But.... he's also concerned that the engine won't fire because of my 2006 ECM won't play well together with the 2007 2.9l, but everything I read on this forum says the 2.9 will be a direct swap IF I use my 2006 engine wiring harness....which I did. I read that it's recommended to do a "re-flash" on my ECM, but is mandatory? Or do I need a 2007 ECM...which then creates more problems with PASSLOCK. ANY help I can get would be great.

If it helps, here is the VIN from the 2007 donor truck: 1GCCS139878167614

Thanks in advance for ANY help,

WrightCo out....
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