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Another rado with an AVIC (D3x)

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Thanks to a great deal from Supermodulation, he got two for almost the price of 1.

Avic D3x

pretty much the same thing as the D3, except it comes with a wireless remote (Costs them $.50)

Bluetooth Unit

iPod cable

Retail: $999 from Crutchfield
(we got two for that price pretty much)

Wiring Done ^ I soldered the wires, instead of Butt Splice

Microphone for my bluetooth ^

(Can you guess the movie?) ^
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I suggest running at least the VSS wire, it improves the accuracy of the navigation and enables some features :)
definately run the VSS to the speed sensor by the right wheel well.. it will get you into 3d Hybrid mode.. Navi will be spot on, and you unlock all the features the avic d3 offers.. :355: this pic was right after I installed the VSS.. now all the bars are filled and couldnt be happier :355:

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