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Another Will It Fit

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First off I don't want the "Use the Search" answer. I am not stupid. I have searched and looked everywhere and can't find the answer. I have contacted Performance lift and Fabtech and they can't give me a definite answer either. So here it goes:
1. 3" Fabtech 2wd Lift
2. 18x9 Gear Dominators 0 offset 5" backspace
3. 31 inch tires. Maybe? Not positive on tires yet. Need recommendations.

Will this set up work? Performance kept saying the 9" wide wheel will not work so they helped me none. Fabtech said 5" backspace should be okay. So I need help with this. If anyone has this lift please post tire size and wheel size and pictures. Thanks
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It might be nice to know why Performance Lift says the wheel will not work. I'm assuming they are saying the backspace is too deep to clear the spindle or something. However at 18" diameter that sounds okay (spoken without any experience with a 2wd lit spindle).

Not too knowledgeable on 2wd tires either but 31's should fit fine because of the 3" lift. However, I would not (personally) mount a 10.5" tire on a 9" wheel. A 265/65-18 BFG A/T says max is 9.5 but still not something I'd like. That's just me though....
I have a 2.5" lift in the front, run 245/70/17 Cooper ATP's with 17x8.5 wheels, they rub bad at full lock on the sway bar and frame (when turned opposite)...If i remember right, fabtech used to recommend 17" wheels (min) for the spindles with 4.5" wheel diameter you're gtg...but overall tire height and wheel bs you're going to you already have the wheels? If not get something with less bsing...if you do, google BORA wheel spacers...I've got a set on order...lifetime warranty...
Should have mentioned my wheels have 5.5" bs....didn't wanna by new wheels from being lowered...
With that much backspace you run the risk of rubbing the ball joint or the spindle. That is the only issue I see. Most spindle lifts require 4.75 or 4.5 or less backspacing for this reason.
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