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Audio Newbie here...

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I have an ext. cab with all stock audio in it, and I'm looking into upgrading most of it. My front speakers sound blown, and the backs might too. I'm also most likely going to get an aftermarket stereo. I have a few questions, as I know next to nothing about car audio.

There's only six speakers, right? (4 door speakers, 2 tweeters)

What type of speakers do we have, and what should I replace it with? (2 way, 3 way, etc.)

Do I need an amp if I'm not planning on adding a sub box or anything?

Besides the speakers and head unit, what else would I need? (wiring adapters, mounting, etc.)And could you give me a list of those?

Thanks in advance.
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You are gonna want to put in a 4 ch amp because the majority of receivers only put out 50 w peak which I think might be somewhere around 12 w rms but I may be mistaken, and most speakers will probably take atleast 50w per speaker. Also for the 2way 3way, it's your choice, but component sets are probably the best way to go, but they are a bit more pricey compared to coaxials. Shop around on and and see what's in your price range. I would also suggest purchasing your wire harness online since it will probably be cheaper than in a store, there are a ton of threads about which harness and dash just so don't be afraid to
There's one thread.
And another
if you search ebay, type in colorado kicker, they have upgraded speakers for our trucks not high end but not bottom of the barrel either, yes u will need wiring adapters for the speakers, amp is up to you deff sound better but more wiring, be a little easier with a aftermarket head unit, ever speaker has a diff sound i found that if your not running a sub a good 2way sounds better than a 3way ... I've been buying pyles for years now for the various cars I've done installs on... most people won't need more than the usual 50x4 that most stereo's put out (I personally have a 2kw amp for the 2 12's) Be prepared to drill the holes for the speakers as the factory ones are mounted on a bracket thats made as part of the factory speaker. Factory speakers are 1 way. No amp required and if you want to keep things like onstar and the door chimes be prepared to spend something nutty like $100 for the harness.

As for what type and if you need an amp this is down to personal preference ... since you say no subs then it doesn't sound like you rock too hard.
(my pyles came with screws so all I had to do was make the hole. meaning harness for the headunit would be all thats required. with some connectors.)
If you get a good Alpine head unit that's CEA compliant 18watts 4 channel you will not need a amp for the door speakers.

I have a Alpine CDA-105 head unit, 4 kicker 6.5's, One in each door. Best setup I've ever had!!!

Since I love LOUD music 24/7 I also have the Alpine KTP-445A. It's a mini amp that plugs in to the radio harness and into the back of the head unit and your done. No extra wiring at all. It bumps the rms wattage up from 18 to 45 watts rms. Sounds MUCH better than factory.

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wish pioneer had an inline amp like that
I have the Alpine KTP amp too. It you get the propriety unit like mentioned above it plugs in to the Alpine. I have the Universal version of it. It's tucked nicely behind my dash, uses all wiring in place (no dragging wires to an amp and back to the speaker, etc. And no power feeds from the battery. Just a nice and easy 45w RMS supply.

To the OP, If you want a sub, yes you need an amp. To make it easier, a HU with 3 sets of pre-outs is best for future upgrades.3 pre-outs gives you 2 pre-outs for the speakers, and a set or a sub. All individually controlled. Otherwise you'll have to use the rear for a sub and lose your fade control as the 4 speakers will be shared by the front channel.

Your choices are quite endless actually. I would encourage you to do some research and make some educated decision before you start taking advice from the internet peoples. It's all a matter of personal taste.

My Polk Components replaced the factory components. The Kenwood HU provides function and the Alpine Amp gives a good clean sound.

A 2-way speaker does not included treble. A 3-way has a tweeter. Components are a tweeter that is separate from the woofer assemble and requires an included crossover. That means finding a place to secure it. A standard 3-way is much easier to install as there is no cross over. And you don't have to pull out and fit the new tweeter to hte door.

So do some research, figure out what direction you think you want to go and lets see what you come up with.
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Thanks for all of the responses guys, some great info in here. This is where I get overwhelmed by all of the choices. That Alpine amp looks cool, but if I don't really need it I'd rather save the $110. Can someone link me to the harness I would need to keep the chimes?
So, for speakers, would these be good? Kicker DS65 6.5" Coax Speakers (Pair): Car Electronics All I'm looking for is good sound quality, I don't need great bass.

Since I'm not gonna get the Alpine amp, are there any advantages with one head unit brand over another?
That may be a discontinued model... Kicker DS65 DS Series 6-1/2" 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Pair | 267-6942

Wide range 40 to 21,000 Hz frequency response
50 watts RMS power handling

Or for about half the price...
Pyle PLG6.2 6-1/2" Coaxial Speaker Pair | 267-725
Specifications: • Impedance: 4 ohms • Frequency response: 65-20,000 Hz • Power handling: 120 watts RMS/240 watts max per pair • Mounting depth: 2-5/8".
I have the same Kicker 65 coaxials behind a Kenwood HU, no amp. As far as sound is concerned, I'm fine with what I got. 08Canyon made a comment to me way back when I was looking, 'never will match your home sound system' so I kept that in mind when looking.
Only thing I have a problem with is the size of the time display on the Kenwood unit. Too small but, I'll live with it. For the chimes, I used Crutchfield's interface.
I had bad luck with those kickers. With two sets I bought one of each set blew within a month. You can go with some Rockford punch 3 way for cheaper and better quality imo. Been running them no issues. Better sound quality and higher volumes.
I guess I'll look for other speakers, as they have problems and are discontinued. Those Pyle speakers scare me a little bit, honestly. I've never heard of the brand, and I feel like there's a reason that they are so cheap. I'll look for those Rockfords you suggested. Again, thanks for all of the help guys
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