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Decided to upgrade the basic AVS hood bug deflector that I installed a few months ago and ran across the new line of AVS Aeroskin Lightshield deflectors with built in running lights. Normally I'm all for doing installations myself, but since this project involved electrical wiring (which I'm not super confident about, especially with these newer vehicles) I decided to have it professionally installed. I did however make one small change from what the included instructions said to do, and had the guy wire it to my fog lights (as opposed to my running lights), so that I had the option to cut them off if I ever wanted to.

All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with how it turned out, and definitely like the slightly more aggressive look that it gives the front end. If you want a fairly cheap bolt-on (with minimal wiring) I definitely recommend this slick little deflector.

Link to item: GoTurbo Armageddon

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