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Doing a total front-end rebuild today.
We almost completed it today, but when everything was together we discovered that my new Belltech swaybar is rubbing the front edge of my QA1 coilovers, right at the bottom of the spring.

Had to leave it overnight in the shop.
Nick, my uber wrench-twister is using a grinder to remove about 1/3 the diameter of the swaybar along a 2-inch length to clear the coilover.

Had to call Belltech to confirm that swaybar is solid, (we figured) not tubular.
Not a problem, it outta be back on the ground and in alignment by 10:00 tomorrow morning.

I was just wondering if the additional diameter of the Belltech swaybar over the OE unit caused anyone else a problem.

My truck is an '05 Z85 crew, and I'm only dropped 2-1/2 - 3 inches or so..
(yeah I know, moar lower.. :D )
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