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Bench Seat and Z71 2WD Lift Spindles

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I'm looking to convert from buckets to bench in an 04 crew cab. Also, since the TB 2wd lift spindles are non existent now I am hoping to find a set. Thanks
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Welcome from Tucson as well. I have a bench seat I would trade. But it's not in Great shape. Needs cleaning and has one hole. I can get pics if interested and of coarse I'd clean them. I may be able to go the hole as well
The 2wd torsion bar lift spindles have never existed. People bought coil lift spindles and retapered the tie rod hole to mount from the opposite end. Being someone that's done it and now has a 4" kit, I would say don't waste your money and just save up to buy a kit actually made for the truck
Uncanny: sent you a PM.

Undead: Thanks for the info. I was leaning the way of the kit but dollar wise that is way down the road. Thought I had seen some 2wd's at one time. I had seen the how to on using the other spindles. For now probably just stick with torsion crank until I can do a kit.
It works but it bump steers bad, the more you crank with the spindles the worse it gets. My truck has hit dips in the road and changed lanes at highway speed. It holds the road better now with the 4" kit, cranked about 2.5" and no sway bar than it did with the spindles and 1" crank with the sway bar
I went through 2 steering rack bushings in about 40k miles and then replaced the bushing with a clamp kit that has no give and it really got bad so I ditched them for a kit
Thanks again for the info. I'll definitely hold out for the kit.
No problem, I bought the spindles from doetsch before you could get the cheap ebay ones and paid $540 shipped, should have just put that towards a kit back then
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