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Bi-xenon Morimoto mini stage 3 D2S Retrofit Kit NIB

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Kit includes:
  1. Square D2S 3.0 projectors
  2. XB35 (New) 5500k HID bulbs
  3. HD relay 9006
  4. Morimoto 3Five DSP ballasts
  5. Gatlin Gun 2.0 Square

Great to make those bright glares from those HID bulbs and turn them into a crisp, clear cutoff!

Plus, light output will increase significantly!

All for $315 shipped. Paypal preferred. PM me with any questions. NIB


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I want to go with circular ones. Would make someone's truck look sick, glws.
Why you selling them? So what's in it for you?
I don't have time to make my own retrofit since school is taking more time of my day. A little extra cash for Christmas too. I'll be doing this project in the summer time though
I chose square projectors because the cutoff is more crisp I believe
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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