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Bilstein 24-186179 Rear Shocks

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Had them on the truck for about 500 miles but they didn't mesh well with the custom Alcan springs I'm using. Switched to QA1s. Label got a little scratched from install but they are basically new.

My lose is you gain. I'll do $80 shipped for the pair to the lower 48 sent as a paypal gift, add the % otherwise. Pm me for shipping rates if you are outside that boundary.


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How firm or stiff are these shocks compared to the stock ZQ8 shocks?
How firm or stiff are these shocks compared to the stock ZQ8 shocks?
Stock ZQ8 was about 4 suspension set-ups ago, haha. I only ran these with my 7 tendon Alcans and that combination was stiff with an empty bed at low speeds (why I didn't keep them). With a stock leaf spring set-up it's probably pretty close to stock ZQ8. I'm actually running Bilsteins in the front still. I have always liked their product. I just think my rear end is too one off (Alcan springs, Speedway sliders, Belltech notch) for them to give me the results I want.
Price lowered. Buy my stuff!
2wd or 4X4.
According to their site (Bilstein), these work on both 2WD & stock replacement. Awesome price as they are ~$80 a-piece (half price). If I didn't just replace my shocks...would definitely take offer.
When I ordered rear shocks previously from Bilstein. They said the shocks for 4 wd and 2wd were different. I ended up cancelling the order due to a very long wait time.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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