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bk2life ORADO

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here is how my truck looked.

and now its time for a change.

will be fully shaved, bagged, and sheetmetal bed floor/sides etc.

also in the process of doing the interior. painted parts and custom box/amp rack.

will post more pics as i go.
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haha that sounds awesome!

looks good so far, and i would say shave the gas door as well
im diggin the wheels. the rendering looks sick keep us updated
badass man. when are you going to start baggin it? and are you planning to body drop it?
that is the eventual plan.

should be baggin in the next few months.

thinkin of building a new chassis from cab back and baggin and body droppin it at the same time.
yea id def do it at the same time, shits gonna look so sick layed out.. i love that green
damn its lookin good man, the pinstripes and shadows really set it off
Alrighty got the front end on.

Not sure if I’m goin to leave the bowtie pearl white, am not going to paint it green, I don’t think it would like right at all.

Still need to black out the grill section, and I think I want to add the “speed grills” as I like the way they look.

Also I think I made the turn signals a tad too green. Also the factory cheap clear coat on the lights cracked when the good stuff was sprayed on, so I’ll be getting me some eBay lights and make sure all the factory crap clear is off before I tint them green again.

But for the most part you can see what it looks like.

Now time to cut in a small c-notch for a bit more driving comfort, get the bed on, and start cutting and buffing this biaaatch..
Why not do the bowtie black and accent it the same as the tribal design?
x2, thats what i was gonna say

either way nice fuckin work man

Fully shaved, and finally painted.
This is the first “session” of paint on the bed, next it will be sanded down, airbrush work added, pin striping, shadows, then recleared again.

It sure is nice to be fully painted again..

Going to try to have it completed for the Bring the Noize show this coming weekend; lots of work to do, only if Mother Nature cooperates.

Next will be starting the interior, most of the interior is out of the truck right now, and might have the dash back in for TEXMEX. 12 inch LCD for the dash, full audio, lots of fiber glass work, plenty of tan leather and green paint. Pics to follow…
looks badass man

Wow this truck looks like it has a lot of time put in to it....way to go....looking good, but sorry if this is a dumb question but wat about tail lights? do u not have to have them? Or am i just not seeing them?...
look again
nice what system are you running, 2 12'' inch solobarics?
nice work man, cant wait to see that truck on the ground!
LOL well last night we had a freak storm with hail 3 times. Hail once is pretty rare in the desert, but three times is unheard of.
Worse yet is the hail ranged from peas to tennis ball sizes….!!

So project Orado was caught outside and she got a lot of damage..

Roof, hood, tops of doors, tops of fenders, tops of bed sides all dimpled and a broken windshield….

I tried to throw as much stuff on the top surfaces to keep the damage to a minimum, but the wind was so strong it kept blowing it off.

So I called the insurance company today, and now waiting for them to come out and see what we can settle on. Basically anything that is green needs dents fixed and repainted. The entire truck will be recleared.

So on the plus side of this expect to see some additional graphics and some changes…
Damn man thats a bummer. Idk what kind of coverage you have but hopefully you get some money.
thats a nice looking enclosure, those things sould pound with 3cuft. ported each. and def post some pics with those wheels on, they sound sexy
the black wheels really emphasize the paint job, looks awesome
man i love that paint job. i think a set of billet rims would set it off ;)
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