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bk2life ORADO

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here is how my truck looked.

and now its time for a change.

will be fully shaved, bagged, and sheetmetal bed floor/sides etc.

also in the process of doing the interior. painted parts and custom box/amp rack.

will post more pics as i go.
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Great Job! :th_woot:


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think i got the new motor/trans worked out for rado...

possibly working up a new paint scheme too
I can't image how better or cooler of a paint job your going to make it.
It's already Bad Ass!!
You may need that cowl hood when you drop in the V8:th_lurkingrr:
I might be interested in a stock hood. what condition is it in?

I think (going off memory since I haven’t seen it since mar) it’ll fit under a stock hood. the v8s sit pretty darn low compared to the mile high i5s..
You will when you add the blower :D
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