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bk2life ORADO

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here is how my truck looked.

and now its time for a change.

will be fully shaved, bagged, and sheetmetal bed floor/sides etc.

also in the process of doing the interior. painted parts and custom box/amp rack.

will post more pics as i go.
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You have more pictures of that 86 Spectrum? That thing is fukin badass..
no sorry, that was done like 15 years did alot of work to that one, then sold it.
Damn!!! Ya it looked like some old pics.. Great work man, you do some awesome stuff...

You ever interested in buying project trucks or shop trucks? I'm trying to get rid of my dad's old 77' chevy crew cab dually that hes had forever.. I have pictures at home I can send you later..
I subscribed to this thread and still missed all the progress...

Truck looks awesome man, that dash is crazy...
That needs to be bigger, nice job man. :thumbup:

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Looks awesome man, great color.
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