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bk2life ORADO

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here is how my truck looked.

and now its time for a change.

will be fully shaved, bagged, and sheetmetal bed floor/sides etc.

also in the process of doing the interior. painted parts and custom box/amp rack.

will post more pics as i go.
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nice man that looks sick!!
nice man looks sick!
nice man. do u do ur own tint? If so ill have to hit u up when i get to town.
nice. I fucking miss my limo tint
the new shop any closer to mesa?
in 3 months when i move out there lol
I like it
bag that bitch!
hell yea man! Love seeing progress!
hell yea man looking SICK!!!
Do you have a water jet to cut that flange?
hell yea man, cant wait to see this biotch at a show!
lookin good man
so I take it you wont be dragging this one lol
1 - 14 of 497 Posts