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Bought the truck on Black Friday 2013 because I needed a new DD since mine was in pieces following a hydroplaning incident.

Here she is still on the lot (2006 Extended Cab Z71 Canyon with 35,600 miles):

3 days later (2.5 actually) I tore out the stock head unit, and tossed in an Alpine iDA-X100. The stock head unit was eating cd's and just plain sucked, like all GM stereos.

Week and a half after that came the new front stage and amps...ripped out the whole interior and wired in all new wires. Alpine amps: MRP-M500 for the sub, and MRP-F300 for the front stage, both stashed under the rear seats. Tossed my Alpine PXA-H100 processor in the dash to run the JBL MS-62C's active with. Also tossed in a spare sub I had lying around in the mean time while I waited for my new one to show up.

Pile o' parts in the bed during install:

Interior stripped far enough to accomplish's really yellow like this lol:

Next up on the hit list was starting to ERADICATE all the damn chrome and other shiny stuff. Started with the front bumper, grill, and grill insert:

Prerunner TB crank lol! (Shackles weren't done yet...waiting for the new Ranchos to show up anyways). Also flipped the ball joints and dropped the diff 3/4" at the same time.

Cut out the Shackles today:

(insert video)

Got the shackles welded up, painted, and in, along with the new Ranchos on all four corners.

New sub was ordered once I had locked down my decision: Sundown SA-8v2 in dual 4ohm. While waiting (it was on backorder since before New Years), I built the box...all glue, no screws, and helluva lot of clamps. 1/2 cube ported at 35hz. Replaces the stock jack/cupholder unit.

Box and amp:

There's still a little over an inch behind the box. I need to cut the stud off the floor that was there for the stock jack so I can move it back further.

Wide view of box:

Blacked out the rear bumper with Plasti-dip finally while taking breaks from ripping the busted suspension out of the car.

New rims, lug nuts and wheel locks showed up. 15x8 US Wheel Stealth Crawlers with 4" BS, black lug nuts, and black locks.

2x4 MiniDSP with MiniDC isolator ordered to replace the pxa-h100 so I can put it back in the car.

Wheels on with stock tires....for now:

Lift is still holding some weight here...wish she sat that high lol.

Just got off the phone with Larry. Ordered the BJ spacers, Stage 2 diff drop kit and the 1.5" body lift.

Put on Energy Suspension sway bar bushings.

Started the body lift and diff drop install around 8:45pm, finished all except the front bumper relocation around 2:15am.

Cab done:

Once it was light out again, I pulled the valence off the front bumper and re-plastidipped it. Really need to get some better phone hates the AZ sun's contrast.

All done just after a lil safety test drive to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Rear wheel well can see the bed support blocks pretty clearly. Def need to make some gap guards soon.

Still need to put the bed skirt on yet, but I didn't have any black self-tappers lying around. Can't use the silver colored rivets that came with the kit after going to all this trouble to get rid of all the silver and chrome lol.

Removed "GMC", "Canyon" and "GM" badges, along with a spot cut & buff & wax where they were. Still need to remove the pinstripes and 4x4 badges, but need to get a magic eraser first, then I'll get the truck detailed with a fresh wash and wax.

MiniDC showed up for the MiniDSP, too, so now I have to find my tuning laptop and get the PXA-H100 swapped out.

Ordered LED's for taillights and license plate lights.

Installed bumper/tailgate filler piece...also pic shows debadged tailgate.

LED tails installed. The bulbs I ordered for the license plate lights were too long (thought they would be), but they fit perfectly for the cargo lights, so they went in there. I'll try and get some pics this weekend.

Crappy cell phone camera picture of tails when pressing the lock button:

Ordered a headlight upgrade 'kit' earlier in the week...everything is here except some pieces of the wiring and the LED's for the marker lamps. Progress will begin this evening on building...gonna take a lil time to finish this one lol.


Ordered some trans parts in prep for my 50k mile fluid change:
Pinless accumulators (all three)
(2) Sonnax 77998-03K
(1) Sonnax 77987-01K
Super Servo (both of em)
Sonnax 77911-03K
Sonnax 77767K
Boost Valve kit
Sonnax 4L60E-LB2

Yellow top is in:

Gutted the primary cat.
Gasket matched the exhaust manifold.
Installed all three Sonnax pinless accumulators.
Installed the Sonnax boost valve upgrade kit.
Trans fluid flush/filter/seal.
Installed the trans cooler.

Btw, I hate valve bodies...even though they're so simple, they can be such a nightmare.

Had an extra hour to spare before a late night Ihop trip, so I did my dual switchback led mod.

Trimmed the front bumper cover a la Clutch's old one, and re-dipped the whole thing.

Got the intake finished and on:

Ported throttle body and tuned ECU showed up from em in and she's running a million times smoother. Much more responsive in general, huge increase in driveability especially at highway speeds, and of course, she woke up a LOT!

New tires went on yesterday right after work. 33x12.50r15 Falken Rocky Mountain ATS:

She's gettin' stanced out pretty good :) I have basically a full tread block outside of the flares now.

Had some rubbing (which I knew I would), so I started some trimming today. Still need to do the body mounts. Also may need to cut the fenders back, but that can be hidden by the flares.



Finished the debadge today:

Got the tails tinted last night:

Finally got my SuperMod Efan in! This thing is no fucking joke! James has amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail when it comes to his products:

Chillin in the 107 high today...couldn't get into the garage unfortunately.

Finished cutting the body mounts and welding the plates in. Still need to finish grind, but that can happen another day when it's not so damn hot out.

Newest addition to the pile of goodies...HP Tuners! Big shout out to James for this one!

I finally got the MiniDSP in the truck, located in the glove box for easy access. Also relocated my door chime module into the glove box and added some quick to it disconnects for when tuning.

Ordered some hardware I've been wanting for a while to round out my audio tuning capabilities:
DSO201 nano v2 (oscilloscope)
Blue Icicle (XLR to USB mic preamp)
Dayton EMM-6 (omni-directional mic)
25ft purple XLR cable (for mic to preamp)

Ordered my Millermatic 212 today! Happy/sad moment...big chunk of cash to drop, but damn it's gonna be fun! Also picked up my helmet and some lil stuff while I was at Praxair.

Got the final production version of the diff guard I've been developing mounted up.

Also took the stripped headlight pieces and got them painted. VHT Engine Enamel GM Satin Black:

Got the diff guard back from powder and re-mounted:

Fold-A-Cover G4 Elite installed:

Finally switched to full synthetic: Mobil 1 and a Wix filter (56k miles).

Also, hit a milestone today:

Switched the front brakes to dimpled and slotted rotors with new pads. (56,500 miles)

Pulled the 4wd components. Added 5" CST knuckles, heim outer steering, custom uniball/bushing UCA's, switched to 2wd Timken hubs.

Got the quad retrofit setup wired and in last night. One bulb went out right after I turned them on, so I'll have to warranty that one, but other than that I'm happy so far. One less shiny object on the wife :D

DK Moulds smoked reflectors! Yeah baby!! @un4giv3n

I still need to finish the new marker lamps yet, but those are a quick swap so I'm less worried about them.

Swapped and hacked a 2006 H3 ecm...definitely recommend this :D

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Added more pics...still more to find later on.

2006 with 35,xxx miles on it, very nice.

Looks good
Thanks! Yeah it was a great find for sure. I'm sitting at a little over 44k now lol.

Future plans include:
Custom slider steps
Cut/plate front body mounts
Custom front plate and tube bumper
33x12.50r15 AT's
Rear swing out tire carrier with detachable off-road kit (come-along winch, tow straps, rope, jack, small tool kit, shackles)

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I have more pics of the install somewhere...just need to dig them out.

The box fits between the rear seats, but doesn't allow the front seats to recline when centered. I still haven't mounted it down or wrapped it yet because I wasn't 100% sure how I wanted it. I think now I'm going to mount it off center towards the driver's side so the passenger seat can recline, and I'm searching for a small footprint 5 channel that will fit under the rear seat. That way I can recline the passenger seat fully, and also put the package box back under the passenger rear seat for my wheel lock key and other small random tools and jumper cables, etc.

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Just finished the Stage 2 Diff Drop and 1.5" Body Lift from Larry over at Supsenion Maxx. OP updated with new pics. My MiniDSP showed up, too, but the MiniDC was on backorder, so that's waiting until the rest shows up.

Awesome products!

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Added a few pics of the box.

I still haven't done any sound deadening/treatment yet. I have some materials sitting in the garage, just need to get a lil more, then I'll rip it all out, deaden it, and mount the box.

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nice progress man!!

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Debadged the truck...still need to pull the 4x4 stickers and pinstripes off, but we couldn't find the magic eraser at the shop...someone must've used it without letting anyone know lol.

Also, MiniDC showed up, so hopefully this coming weekend I can find my laptop so I can swap out the PXA-H100 for the MiniDSP.

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What a transformation man. Awesome. I like the box too!!!

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Ordered LEDs for the tails and license plate lights on Monday...should all be here by the end of the week. Also, put the rear bumper/tailgate filler piece on finally this morning. Updated first post with a new pic.

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LED tails installed. The bulbs I ordered for the license plate lights were too long (thought they would be), but they fit perfectly for the cargo lights, so they went in there. I'll try and get some pics this weekend.

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Ordered a headlight upgrade 'kit' earlier in the week...everything is here except some pieces of the wiring and the LED's for the marker lamps. Progress will begin this evening on building...gonna take a lil time to finish this one lol.

And no, it wasn't a kit lol...everything needed will come in 8 separate shipments.
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