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Blown oil

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This morning my i5 engine decided to blown a lot of oil all on the passenger side of my engine bay . Never seen or heard of this happening . It's not doing it anymore .. Oil color is good radiator fluid is good. Oil as stopped blowing and engine is running perfect besides a cel cylinder 3 misfire happening. Would anyone be able to help with this . It seems to have come from my crank case filter vent .. Pics don't make it look as bad as it is .. My dip stick reads no oil after it happened Auto part Engine Vehicle Car Fuel line
Auto part Engine Vehicle Car Fuel line
Auto part

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Well that crank case vent will cause a CEL by itself. You should be running the factory line.

Its unlikely that you blew that much oil out threw the crank case filter.........3-6 qts?

I will refill the oil, replace the carank case filter with with the OEM lines, spray everything down and try and figure out where the actual leak is coming from.

That was a high pressure blow out. I had a similar one on my old car.......the seal on the oil filter let go when I was running at 135 mph......that cover the engine bay, under the vehicle and up the back of the car.
Now that U say oil filter .. It did look like a possible spot that oil came from. Oil got from the oil filter area to my hood and all over the passenger side like crazy

It's most definitely under pressure when it happened

How cold did it get last night? How tight is your oil filter? The seal on the oil filter could have shrunk away from the sealing surface due to the cold, sprayed oil for a bit, then sealed back up under pressure.
Oil filter is tight .. Just checked

There are also a couple fittings in the block near the oil filter and down the passenger side of the block under the manifold that seal oil pressure, although I can't imagine those coming loose.

Just shooting from the hip here, but it does seem like a seal let oil pressure by until it warmed up a bit and sealed.
Ok thanks .. I'll look

I suppose the same thing could happen to the valve cover seal as well.

Just thinking out loud. Hopefully someone else will chime in with some better ideas for you.
UNless the whole cam cover blew out at once................ also, thinking out loud
This happen to me last weekend when I was diagnosing further into why I am getting so much oil coming out of my PCV. If you put too much restriction on the passenger side the silicon seal on the valve cover will push out and throw oil everywhere and then suck it self back in. My engine bay looked exactly like yours does in this picture. Make sure that filter isnt clogged, or switch back to your factory line like 1BADI5 said.
I blew oil all over the passenger side of my truck and it was the valve cover gasket.
I blew oil all over the passenger side of my truck and it was the valve cover gasket.
That's my thought...gasket had blow-by and re-sealed so in time you'll have another mess. I'd pull cover, inspect & replace. Keep us posted...
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