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Body swap 4x4 conversion

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I have no idea what thread to out this in, so sorry if it's in the wrong one,

If you could get another truck, one I'm looking at is another ext cab, it's a 4wd z71 auto and a 5cyl, same year as my 04 2.8 manual, could I just swap the body panels over to the new frame and keep the computer from the wrecked one, keep it am auto and a 5cyl, change nothing on the frame but just swap the body over to the new frame, wiring and computer from the wrecked truck.

Is this possible or am I chasing a lost cause, not worried about the money. More of the is this possible...
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I know the body panels are the same, just electrically with all the wires, is it possible, I know that the body panels will swap over. I don't Anna get caught up in the project and not be able to do it cause of wiring issues
Why not just replace the damaged parts on the wrecked one with parts from yours?

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Just to clarify, you are considering transferring the body from a 2004 to a 2004. If the wrecked truck hasn't been stripped, it shouldn't be a problem. Just swap whatever you need, including wiring. When you are done, keep the donor truck until everything is working as it should. If you are not transferring the cab, you may have registration problems if the VIN on the wreck has been reported as such.
Completely feasible as long as it's 04-05, the later trucks have some fueling and PCM changes and the 09+ have a few more changes with the rear bumper. You will just use the wiring from the 4x4 auto truck because the PCM and BCM harness are wired slightly different to incorporate the 4x4 module and to control the transmission.

It will be a lot of little tedious work working with all the harnesses and everything but you should be able to get it done. Just make sure you have another vehicle to drive and give yourself a couple weeks to do it in case you hit a bunch of little issues and gremlins which you know will happen.
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