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Buick GN eng

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I am thinking of selling my spare GN eng, anyone interested in putting it in a 355 ?
12000mi with the eng wire harness. no exh manif or turbo. a 89 Turbo Trans Am
exh manif mite work out it's 1" closer to eng. was going to put it in my S-10
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What would it take to put this in a 88 S10, 4.3 auto? Hmmmm...
a little work, figure out wiring, mounts, exh. it has been done already, i saw one on line.
easier than a LS swap. the buick is smaller in size than a 4.3. if you have a dual bolt trans
it will bolt right to it.
What the price.......I might know some people down here
What year is the motor?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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