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building my 5 speed center floor console

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for the last year and a half i have been toying around with ideas for a very inexpensive console build project...It needed to house my onboard compressor, incorperate a functional storage with armrest, a removeable cup holder and have a place to mount an air pressure gauge as well as the toggle switch for the compressor. I also was trying to figure out a way to attach the stock shifter boot to the console and not make it look like truck came stock with the crappy plastic shifter console with the shallow cup holders and a 60/40 split seat. after spilling my 20+ cup of coffee going around a corner, i decided to start tearing the seats out and getting this project done.
I had a 5/8 sheet of MDF ($17) and roll of automotive carpet ($10) laying around my garage for over a year. I picked up a $7 green slime compressor at target just for the white pressure gauge. I already had a can of 3M spray adhesive and a staple gun to secure the carpet. so total cost for the console build was under $35.
I didnt take any pics of the seat modification from 60/40 to bucket seats. it was simply pulling the seat foam and cover off as one piece to access the frame and cutting off the tubing that extended the 60 portion of the bench with a grinder and cut off wheel. Then cutting the material and shaving the foam back with a razor until it had the shape i wanted. cut off some of the remaining material and then folded it back and slid the bucket seat covers over them..the seat covers were $ cost of the project was a little over $61. everything was cut with a jig saw cause my circular saw was AWOL.
If i had to do this over again, i would have used plywood. But for what it is, i am happy with it. Now i need to replace that grey vinyl flooring with some black carpet to cover those damn holes!!..sorry for the blurry cell phone pics

just getting the shape and width set

test fitting

The crappy shifter housing finally had a purpose!!



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looks damn clean! very tasteful and simple.

if you want a quick fix or dont want/have time,$, etc. for the carpet get the backseat floor hump carpet and some big floor mats from walmart. i did that to cover my holes (i have carpet though) but it cleaned it up nice and matches the grey dash perfectly.
Thanks!..i will check that out..dont know when i will get carpet

what was the original one out of? it looks nice too!
the small one was from autozone...i think i payed $25 for it...i used the armrest and the storage compartment out of it in my build..
looks good, man! thanx for the link.

got a question for ya, you said if you had to do it over again, that you'd go with plywood over the MDF, can i ask why that is?
Thank you.. I would have used plywood because i could have used a thinner size..getting right up to the edge with a screw even when pre-drilling MDF or particle board sometimes makes the edge chip or buldge out..I also would have been able to wet the thin plywood down, bend it in a few clamps and let it dry in order to make the taper i wanted mid way down the console. but i still like the way it came out..i am still thinking of removing the carpet and glassing it then painting the whole thing white.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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