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Cadillac tails project thread

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Ok guys and gals, I'm just now starting on my trucks ass remodeling (again). I thought about doing a how-to, but I like progress threads much better, they're more fun to read and somehow seem more interesting to me. Anyways, the point of this thread is to let those who are interested follow along as I finish off the rear of my truck.
I'm not a body expert by any means, but I can get it close enough to right so that my body man doesn't hate me when it's time for paint. The techniques I use can be used for basically any body mods, so if you want to learn keep up. If you already know how to do this stuff, just ignore me, I'm probably doing it all wrong LOL.

Anyways, to recap, here's what I've got:

That's an old pic... everytime I see it I miss the ZQ8 wheels more. For those of you who don't know what you're looking at, that's a grant fab roll pan, shaved gate handle, and the SS urethane spoiler. Pretty much your typical over-done "mini-truck" (I despise that term) mods. The spoiler is getting removed for the sake of cleanliness. Here's some old pics of some of that work:

Yes, it was white once upon a time. Hell, it might end up white in the future, that"s still up in the air.

If you've got a keen eye, you also noticed that this rollpan was installed pre-body drop.

This is all old news if you've seen some of my older threads, but stay tuned in, there's new stuff coming up after the break.
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Is that a seat and cup(beer) holder?!? that would be so sick. Get a seat belt and its legal! lol. legal but dangerous.

EDIT: nvm, its the gas cap and air tank LMAO! :gd: oh how I failed miserably...
LOL... no, that's the gas filler. Just a plain black cap frenched into the bed side. Told you my chopping skills sucked.
Ok, so there's just a little bit of body work left and the tails are finished.

Here's a photochop I did of my ideas for the next big project. Be gentle, my chopping skills suck lol:

Thats actually really good what does ur bed currently look like?
I like it! Your tails look awesome.
This is the bed currently. The floor is raised 6 inches... other than that, it's pretty stock.

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The bed will look pretty sick like that man. So your'e just going with a plain black cap? Have you thought about doing like a flush mount pop-up one? Jw.

The tails are lookin good. Keep it up!
yeah, I just want a plain black one, but it'll be sunk into the bedside so that it's flush with just enough room around it to get my fingers in there to remove it.
161 - 168 of 168 Posts
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