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You guys are included but I know its a bit of a hike for some of you . If you want to look my address up its
11008 finney rd
Spotsylvania va 22551

Ok so it was talked about a while back about having another bonfire meet once Blake got back in town , was really hoping to pick a date when his room mate could cum with him but the only date nikki and I had open was May 17-18 but mike has his kid that weekend so he can't come with Blake as of now .

So anyone that can see this in the cap chap is welcome to come , also in the va chapter if you can see this thread your welcome to come , also I invited some of my local buddy's from the truck club =Sunset= va I'm in last night

So just like before we can do mods but I'm not volunteering for any big mods this time just smaller easy ones lol , we can put a list up of what foods we want and who will bring what and likely make a run to the grocery store once everyone shows up . Whoever wants to camp can , I might also have some floor /couch space in the basement if you aren't a tenter lol

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