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Central chapter ~ Kansas City ~ August

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Central Meet August 22nd PICS ADDED

Ok here's the plan. Dave and Buster's @ 3 P.M. We meet at 3 and hang out in the parking lot for a while let everyone show, take pics, etc. Then go in and knock a few back, eat, play some games, and bullsh*t.

Where: Dave and Buster's, 1843 Village West Parkway, Ste 201 Kansas City , KS 66111 (913)981-6815
Time: 3 P.M.
Date: August 22nd

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No Rain and 74 can't get better than that for Saturday. Well it would help if we were not dead poor. Getting the truck and doing the planed vacation killed us. But like I said before we will be there. Even if I have to suck gas out of the wife's Ranger. Oh please let me suck the gas out of her piss poor Ranger. lol
Yup, Everyone ready for tomorrow? If ya want PM me your number and I'll give you mine so you can check in and I can say where we are. Cause the legends is pretty big.
well sry guys im out... i have to get the bills payed
Not much money sucks. But no worries hopefully you can make it to the next one.
someone pm me with some details if anyone one is hanging out before the meet its a long drive i wanna come up a lil early
I'm not sure of people doing stuff before. But you're welcome to stop by here. I'm right off the highway and pretty much on your way.
We will be coming from the North after dropping the boys off or we would be coming your way. instead we will be taking the I-35 to I-70 route
Here's the pics of the meet. Not a huge turnout, but was a hella fun time. Great seeing you guys again.

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Nice pics Chris... I see you like showing of those hood struts too!!!
Yup, love them.
pics turned out good had a blast guys wish we could get more people the rolling pic of my truck is bad ass and im glad you got that pic i sent you for some reason my phone wont let me upload any :(
Hey Jessie did you get a side one of my truck while you had your phone out? If so send it to me. I want a rolling pic of mine so much.
Had a great time!! Mikes pic should be in later that he took from Dave and Busters. I know he had that movie to go to. Here is two I took. I really need new wheels. lol!

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I hope the pic of Jessie playing the boxing game comes out. I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. Yes Jessie the boxing guitar hero. Oh and he was good. He got 2nd on the Guitar Hero.
Rock on lol
By the way whats up with all the S-10s???
After a lot of people baled Chris invited the S-10 club. They showed up with even less trucks.
I invited fullsize and trailvoy guys too, but none of them showed up.
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