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Central FL Super Meet chat thread

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Discuss away!!! Starts now....
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Tracey and I are here also! Been here since about 3:30.
Have a great meet everyone !!!
Had a great time everyone! That spot was awesome and NAPA really welcomed us. Ashley, thank you for hosting this! Bobby, thank you for opening your home to those of us who wanted to throw down lol. I had a great time and I can't wait for SESM!!!!

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A few pics Taylor stole from Bobbys wife. We were so excited for the ice cream lady! I'm surprised Sid didn't hit on her! Lol
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Had a great day Saturday at the meet. Thanks to all you for making this Connecticut boy feel welcome. Napa did it up well and the trip to Daytona Beach sitting around yakking in our shirt sleeves in the sun was pretty nice. Couldn't have asked for a better day. The drive back to CT begins in about 3 hours.
@RickD drive safe man, glad to have you down here, now comes the second part of that long haul award!
Drive safe man! I'll be driving back to VA on Tuesday. Not looking forward to it, I can't imagine driving to Connecticut!

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That was a great weekend. Awesome what napa did for us. Between all the freebies, letting use their space out back and pretty nice tool set @GeorgiaBoy won. Looking forward to next year's CFSM.
I am definitely looking forward to next year, but I had some ideas.

IF we do NAPA again, should we plan to hang out all day and cook out because of the $15 fee to get onto the beach, OR do we just go to the beach all day like years in the past? I'm only saying this because $15 to go to the beach for 2-3 hours might seem like a waste to some people.

I loved the NAPA venue this year, I think way better that anything we did in the past to be honest. Props to Ashley and Joel for getting that setup last minute!
Fee to get on the Beach was only $10. I like the idea of not cooking out. Plus, if you cook out, there is $10 per head you have to spend and then you have to cook instead of enjoying the meet. Secondly, we spent about three and a half to four hours down at NAPA and those of us who went to the beach spent about three hours down on the beach. At SESM we pay $10 Per head to eat, and $10 to get in the park for about 4 hours. I spent about 7 hours with all or some of the group between the beach and meet. I also spent the same money I spend at SESM on Saturday. I spent $10 to get on the Beach, and spent $10 per head for Tracey and I to eat lunch. A lunch that I did not have to cook, go shopping for, or secure a grill for. A lot less stress on the guy running the show.

I however do now understand JW's feelings on running a meet. I ran around so much doing meet stuff, that I did not get to enjoy it the way I do at SESM. The fact that I did not have to go shopping first thing Saturday morning for all that food, and did not have to worry about how to get it cooked and so forth was a blessing.

If someone else wants to plan and take care of the cooking and shopping and stuff I have no problem with that, You are welcomed to do so, but I personally do not think you have to have a meal at a super meet. It is basically another beast unto itself.

With that said, I was glad to run this meet and will continue to do so as long as you guys want me to.

I want to thank everyone that attended the meet for being there. You made the meet a success! I especially want to thank Joel "Chunk" West for his assistance in securing the NAPA as a meet location and for helping me measure the lowest trucks. Another special thanks to David Carter, Justin Z, and Chunk for building awards, and Brian for bringing the Mugs for everyone. Thanks to Tony, Brian, David, SSK (Ron), Capt. Rab, Dirty South Tuning (Sid and JW) and Monticello Carquest for raffle items. And last but certainly not least To Triple Crown Auto parts in Daytona for hosting the event and treating us like royalty!
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FINALLY made it back to VA. Thanks for the fun time guys, I'll see you all again at SESM!

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