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Central Florida Supermeet... See post 201!! Time change to 10 am!!!!

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Well, here it is! You guys wanted to try to get a Spring Super meet, in or around Daytona, and it is time to get the ball rolling!

The date will be April 8, 9, 10, 2016.

The actual meet will take place on the morning of the 9th @ Triple Crown Auto Parts, NAPA, 945 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL, starting at 10 am. This came about due to the NAPA owner wanting to be involved and host the event. That is why the change in time and place. There is plenty of parking and there will be additional exposure for us. It is also right in Daytona!

The lodging will be at the:

Ormond Beach Sleep Inn
170 Williamson Blvd
Ormond Beach, FL 32147.

Call the hotel directly to book, please, @ 386-673-6030.

Each room is $84+ taxes per night. You need to tell them you are with 355 NATION. I have 20 rooms blocked off currently. 12 are doubles and 8 are kings (for those of us bringing our wives or significant others).

Post up when you have booked your rooms.

Also, please let me know if you are bringing anyone with you, for the head count for food.

No discussion in this thread please, I started a chat thread, and award thread. There is also for sale thread in the southeast section.

Post up in this thread if you are going to join us!


*=has room booked

On Board:

1. Dig Em + 1 *
2. Trice
3. Georgia Boy
4. WDeagle
5. Projection24s
6. Shipwright
7. Skizzo
8. 05RadoXtreme +1
9. ChevyNOOB
10. ThickerChunk
11. bryanks *
12. bjonas71
13. GMCMotorsports
14. bull_head360
15. USNavyColoradoOwner *
16. Mower Man + 1 *
17. toneyjay
18. cmayo9 -- maybe
19. Rick D
21. jm0710 +2 -- maybe
22. Mclovin
23. fl10canyon + 1
24. Shorepound
25. BridgestonePHM9
26. You!!!!
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Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

I maybe in for this
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

Just a side note I just thought of. Someone posted a video of mobil dyne tuning on FB the other day and Boyd got me thinking of getting it together for SESM but the guy charges $1.50 per mile traveled and from what I can tell he is local to Central Florida area. Might not be a bad idea to look into it @DigEm

Mobile Dyno Services
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

I will look into that. Have to see if the park will let him set up there. Or maybe the hotel when I get one on board.
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

That may work for me to. Almost got everything done on what i wanted to do on mine. Finally!! So put me down as a maybe. steve05
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

Chad & I will plan on being there.
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

Updated the OP.
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

Hmmm.......I see they have a boat ramp at the park.....and I just happen to have a boat....
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

Pencil me in, (long way out & I don't even buy green bananas anymore)!
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

I'm in (though I prefer Blue Springs about 20 minutes south) lol. As a local to the area though, if you are looking at hotels, do not look at hotels right at DeLeon because the town itself is kinda ehh and I've never seen a decent looking hotel/motel around there.

Orange City (where Blue Springs is) has at least one decent hotel and Daytona will have some decent hotels. Just food for thought from a local. :thumbup:

Also, another option for mobile dyno and possibly tuning would be VMP Tuning
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

I looked at both, but the blue springs manager gave me a warning for those months including April about the park filling up to maximum quickly because of the manatees. So if we got there and it was full we would be scrambling. The manager at DeLeon said there busy season is July to September and did not see any issues with us getting in and not having to wait. I am working on lodging in Daytona, should have it set by the end of the month.
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

I can't believe I havent seen this yet lol I'm in!
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

I'm game
Sounds fun. Count me in.
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

More than half way to Supermeet status already. @DigEm let me know if you need anything, I'm down to help.
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

I am in too.
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

Put me down as attending. Had a great time at the Daytona meet so another FL meet is a win in my book.
Re: Central Florida Supermeet...

Put me in as a maybe. Too far out to know what my work situation will be like at that time, being I do security near Panama City Beach and this is right around Spring Break.
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