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CFSM 2018 sign up thread!!!!

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The actual meet will take place on the morning of the 7th starting at 10 am.

The meet will take place at Tomoka State park! We have reserved a pavilion on the water

To cover the cost of the Pavilion, drinks and snacks, there will be a $6 per person charge, at the meet. Children are not charged. The meet cost will include 1 ticket to the drawings. You can also buy more tickets to the drawing for $2 per tickets or 3 for $5.

No alcohol allowed in the park for the meet.

We will meet at the Hotel and convoy to the park. We will leave the motel at 9:30 am. Be there before that!

Hotel Information:




King rooms: $94.95 per night + taxes.
2 full bed rooms: $89.95 per night + taxes
Book online or call the hotel @ 386-446-8180. These are the regular rates. Had to have ten people commit to get a group rate.

This is a busy time of the year in the area, so book your room early!

Please no chatting in here, just sign up messages.


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I'll be there! With more homebrew, of course.
Ok. The hotel will be the same again next year. They were good to us this year and it was a good locale for the folks that stayed there. The information will be finalized in a couple of weeks and I will post it to the sign up page. The location will be the same also. Get signed up now!!!!
How close Will this be to Ocala?

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Count me in. I'm beginning to like traveling to some of the meets.
How close Will this be to Ocala?

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Daytona Beach. Check back tomorrow Nd all the info will be posted.
Daytona Beach. Check back tomorrow Nd all the info will be posted.

That's great.. I have business in Daytona beach.I could try to if I have to make a trip around that time

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Wife told me to put us down as a maybe... LOL
So it will the wife +1... LOL
Well I have to completely rebuild the turbo kit on the truck now but you know I will be there.
I will be there for sure.
Updates to the OP, check it out. Hotel price will be posted within a week.
Add me, I'll be there
Also, correction: this will be their third year hosting us! And the dates are April 6-8 with the actual meet on the 7th.
Well I will try to make it there this year.

Put me down as a maybe, since I'm closer now
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