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CFSM 2019 For Sale/Trade...

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And, go!
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ive got a supermod 2wd front skidplate, a set of zq8 sway bars, and some 15x8 cragar soft 8's wrapped in hoosiers if somebody wants them
How much 4 the skid plate
40 bucks? Obo
Does it have everything 2 bolt on
Text me (541)326-5071
I have a brand new clutch master cylinder - 20 bucks takes it
09 3.7 intake with 58k miles - 50 bucks obo
oem passenger taillight with some delamination: free

Possibly GMC carpet bedliner but you'd have to make a hell of an offer for me to part with it lol
Black interior carpet for a reg cab - make an offer

probably more as i think of it
just the plate itself. rest of the hardware got repurposed for something else
@carmite I'm interested in it just need 2 see if someone would be willing 2 hold it 4 me since I won't be there
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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