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Alright, so far I have soldered in LEDs in the 4x4 circuit board and the head light switch circuit board with no problem using 5mm LEDs and resisters on the positive lead.

When I went to do the climate control, I check what is positive and negative, soldered on my LEDs, and checked to see if they were lighting up in the truck. At this point two were not working, so I resoldered them. Tested again and 3 sent working. Tried to resolder again and now one of the contacts on the board won't accept solder, I can't get the led soldered on.
So I gave up for the night, put it all together and back in the truck and now I don't have any LEDs on the climate control working!

Has anyone had this? What could my problem be? Do I need a new climate control board or can I fix it?
Everything else works on the board, just no lights.
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