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Clutch Question

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Just spent the last 3 days after work putting in a new clutch in my 2007 2wd Colorado. Once I got everything put back together and bled the clutch. I took it for a drive and when I depress the clutch to shift into 1st it engages right away while only letting off about an inch. Do I need to bleed the clutch again. Also, the clutch doesn't take as much pressure to depress. Once I'm driving it engages the same through all gears. No slipping or grinding or anything. Any help would be appreciated.
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Sounds like its working perfect to me. Might recheck everything a couple more times the next month or 500 miles.
Yeah everything seems to be fine. Was just worried since I don't have to apply a ton of pressure to depress the clutch. And it engages right away after letting off. Sqweeled the tires coming out of the garage.
What brand of clutch did you install?
APW-VEO-52332211 Valeo 52332211 Clutch Kit
Clutches vary in pedal pressure and engagement point by brand and type. Sounds like you did everything right. Eventually it will feel more normal. Although there's no harm in bleeding it again just to be sure.

I installed a Spec 3+ clutch on mine. The pedal is really, really light and the engagement is short and chattery. I called Spec about it and they said that's just how it is.

If you want a stock feeling clutch, you'll probably have to order a stock part from GM. That's what I'm going to end up doing as this Spec is driving me crazy.
Ill probably bleed it again just to be sure. Thanks for the info.
If I may piggyback here...

It's about time to replace the clutch in my 2005 Colorado LS 4WD 4cyl with 122,000 mi. I'm searching for an OEM spec kit and was hoping to get some input. I'll probably go with either the same VALEO kit as the OP at $183.79 or SACHS Part #K7046401 at $203.99. Any references on these brands, or others? What other parts (in addition to kit) will I need? Is it necessary to replace the flywheel?

Also planning to change all the driveline fluids at the same time (diffs, transfer case, transmission). I've always heard great things about Amsoil products and I can get everything I need from them for about $127. Any other recommendations for oil that's also high quality but maybe a bit less pricey?
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