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So I read somewhere someone wanted to do a coil conversion on a 4x4 first gen. One of the main reasons that I saw for it not working was due to the CV shaft would interfere with the strut. Then I remembered the struts the trailblazers were directly over the cv shaft. I was toying with the idea of going to a junk yard to pick up some lower control arms and steering knuckles from a trailblazer to get some dimensions. I know the height of the knuckle is considerably taller than our trucks but if I could get the rack and build sub frames to mount like the skyjacker lift would it work?
I’m just thinkBig out loud here and wanted to just see what the thoughts were from everyone here and maybe get the ideas flowing.
The upper control arm may need to be custom made but I think the shock pocket is big enough to house the strut but might need to be beefed up a bit.
Here is a pic of the trailblazer strut for anyone who has not seen one. I stole this pic from pintrist but the guys build is pretty cool


:edit: I forgot to mention there is a company that makes custom coil overs for the trailblazers.
Radflo makes them or used to. I’m not sure how short they would need to be but if they could make shorter ones and use the trailblazer connector without changing the knuckles or anything.
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