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Hi everyone. 1st post. New user.
I read a lot of the posts here similar to my issue and have had no luck fixing so here is my specific situation.

I installed a new Pioneer head unit into my 08 Colorado. It is a regular cab 2.9 engine 2 speaker WT trim. Initially after install the passlock light came on blinking and the truck would not start. As per the other forum posts I unplugged the battery negative and waited 30 minutes to allow the BCM module to reset. Good news is the truck starts and runs fine. Bad news the passlock system light is steady on while driving. The light is the red symbol of the car with a padlock running through it.

My concern is getting somewhere and the truck not starting. I'm looking for help in either bypassing rhe passlock system entirely or fixing ligitimately.

Further info... Called Chevy dealer. They have no idea and suggested I bring it in to have the security system "reprogrammed". For a large fee of course. Called Pioneer and they say its the wiring harnesses fault. I have mot yet contacted Metra, the harness manufacturer.

Any help is appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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