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Colorado offroad winch bumper build

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Ok so I have all this in my build thread for the truck but a friend was telling me he was trying to show someone pix of my truck and could not find them google searching so I got thinking I would make a thread for each bumper to help google searchers find different bumper builds

So im just copying and pasting from my build

I started on this last weekend but ran out of wire for the welder and this weekend I have my little girl so I will not be working on the truck this weekend but the winch mount is just getting started and it's all 1/4"

both sides

pass side

driver side

I used chassis saver to prime the bumper and I'll be spray painting it tommarow I want to let it dry good first but I'm still waiting on the lights to come in so I can make the mounts and do the cutout then I'll coat it with something better than paint but here are the ones with the chassis saver

Well I could not help myself so I got home at midnight from work and got the first coat of black on

I can't find my other shackles I think I put 2 of them in the wife's jeep and gave my other 2 to my brother for his jeep so I guess I got to get some more

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how much for another? lol looks sweet.
That's is pretty BA dude. I need to learn how to weld...
Another awesome bumper. Great job. Wish I had a welder and some of your mad skillz
Only problem with me making one of the templates I have is it will be wider because I made mine wider then my glass fenders and I made it to compensate for the 1.5" body lift but if someone close by wants one and can mock up on a stock truck I could make templates for one to fit regular trucks

And thanks guys
i would be very interested in mocking up one of those templates for my truck. i dont have the widebody kit either. i just started flux welding. will flux weld hold up or do i need to look into a MIG?
I just want a set of templates lol
Looking good MOZ

Sailor not sure what welder your using but some of the 110 flux welders can be converted to mig cheep , I would recommend it , gives you cleaner results

If you guys are interested I could trace my foam board templates onto paper and mail them to you then you could put them on cardboard to readjust them to not be so wide

Let me know
Go to the grocery store or big bulk type store and ask for empty boxes

If you want them on paper pm me your address and I'll send them to you
MOZ I sent yours today and the others that have requested templates and I said I'll send you them , I'll get them made as soon as I get a free moment

Anyone else that asks for some I'm going to ask that you send me $3.00 to cover postage of the paper templates , I feel wrong charging for a pices of paper but if I keep getting request like I am now I'll try and get someone to help me get some prints made for online that way I can just email them for free but until then I'll just do some on paper in the mail

Mods if this s a problem let me know but I'm not making profit
bumper looks badass onelow1ton!!! how did ur pre-runner fenders mount up, factory holes? did u have to change anything or remove the rear panels? or did it screw in over top of the exsisting rear fenders?

The fronts bolted on after drilling the somewhat premarked holes out

The rears you have to cut the oem outer bedside off if you skim through my build there is lots of pix and info there on the install

See link below
Um i can but i need to go through my pms because i still owe a few guys some but have just been so busy these last few months but i just put a contract on a house near fredricksburg with a garage of my own so if you can wate till the end of the summer i might be able to just build you on but as soon as i get a free chance to catch up on the others i can make you some also
Have you moved in your house yet? I would be interested in a price a quote for the template with parts list or if you could; a price for one out the door.
Yes I am moved into the new house , but I don't have a clue where I hid the templates I got two other guys waiting for me to find them now , pm me and when I find them ill get your info

As much as I would like to build some to sell , right now I just don't have the time to do them but I am working on getting my work to change my shift to 4 10 hour days so if they do change it I could have time to do some

just curious do you know how much it weights all together?
If I had to guess the front bumper is around 100lbs with out the winch

If some one wants to look up steel weights I have just under a 4'x4' sheet of 3/16" and about 10"x36" of 1/4" and the shackle mounts are 1"x2"x12"
What gauge is the steel on this? looks good!
3/16" on the bumper , the mounts and winch plate are 1/4" and the shackle mounts are 1"x2" solid bar 12" long
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