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Colorado offroad winch bumper build

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Ok so I have all this in my build thread for the truck but a friend was telling me he was trying to show someone pix of my truck and could not find them google searching so I got thinking I would make a thread for each bumper to help google searchers find different bumper builds

So im just copying and pasting from my build

I started on this last weekend but ran out of wire for the welder and this weekend I have my little girl so I will not be working on the truck this weekend but the winch mount is just getting started and it's all 1/4"

both sides

pass side

driver side

I used chassis saver to prime the bumper and I'll be spray painting it tommarow I want to let it dry good first but I'm still waiting on the lights to come in so I can make the mounts and do the cutout then I'll coat it with something better than paint but here are the ones with the chassis saver

Well I could not help myself so I got home at midnight from work and got the first coat of black on

I can't find my other shackles I think I put 2 of them in the wife's jeep and gave my other 2 to my brother for his jeep so I guess I got to get some more

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fucking SICK!!!!
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