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Colored water in passenger floorboard

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I have a 2004 Extended cab with a problem with colored water in the passenger side front seat area. The other day it rained and it was completely dry. The heater control was set to defrost mode. My son and I were running errands and changed the control to the upper vent and water poured from the cowl area and had a tint to it. We have been struggling with water for some time and have the rubber floor pulled at the time. The colored water did not have any odor. Is this possibly due to a bad heater core or caused by another source?

Any help would be appreciated,
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If it was slick feeling it was probably antifreeze. You can also touch the tip of your tongue with it and if it taste sweet that's what it is. Sounds like a heater core

Or... It could be the evaporator drain tube clogged and it's not letting the condensation(water) from the evaporator drip since you said you ran the defroster and its overflowing so to speak from the ac box
Antifreeze is poison... By the way !!! LOL
But that would be one way of telling what is in your floor board !!!
If the heater core is leaking the defroster will fog up the windshield and leave a film that smears. Antifreeze has a unmistakable odor.
Definitely seems to have all the symptoms of a heater core case you need it:
I had 2 heater cores break on my S10 and believe me, you can definitely smell it. That old anti freeze smelled BAD! I wouldn't taste it!
I would say it is mostly likely a clogged evaporator drain tube. Had one clog on another vehicle with a tinted water on the passenger side floor board
I'll chime in here with a heater core story...a guy I work with had an f150 with a leaking heater core. And with a case of hives that he thought was unrelated...

Turns out the antifreeze in the hvac system gave him the hives and almost killed him by slowly closing off his throat!
I have a leak on my pass. side, but its defiantly NOT the heater core.

There are more and more members popping in with a similar issue......something with the seam sealer on the cowl/fire wall is bad on these trucks. I need to tear mine apart soon and fix this annoying issue
Mine was third brake light seal soaked passanger side
I know its up front because water was dripping from under the dash board :hulk:
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