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For his second award. Here's another member that was deserving of the award, he just didn't have the "nominations from 5 different members" that has recently been removed. As you can see, Will has done a ton for his chapter over the years...

Thanks for everything you do!

he has so helpful wit my fog light install. he has taken my phones calls and txts to help me out thru out this install, and well as many other question on other problems i have had, he is a guy and very helpful..
BCS1106 said:
Will, Banditz, has been very helpful. He has offered to give me parts off his old engine and install them for me for free. He also gave a few people some of the Carolina Chapter decals. I can't say enough good stuff about him.
iDomino7 said:
He's been an outstanding member since before he took over the cc chapter and still is!

He's ALWAYS down to help with anything that he can. I'm not very good at putting my thoughts into writing but this guy really goes above, beyond and out of his way to help a fellow member.

He organized a meet and paid out of his own pocket to reserve the place
He got decals designed and made for the cc chapter, not only that but he bought a BUNCH in order to get US a better individual deal. He paid for that big batch out of his own pocket and didn't make us buy all of them off of him so that he could make his money back.
He drove from his place all the way to DeepBlue (Derek) its about a 4.5 hour drive to Derek. He did all this driving with his kid in order to help save Derek some money by fixing his balljoints and helping align his truck. Obviously he did t ask for anything in return.
He's getting tag cards made for the cc chapter and hasn't asked us for a cent in order to have them done.
I explained how my wife and i would be without our own place for 2-3 weeks while we waited for our new place to be available and he offered us a place to stay while we waited.
He also set up time with his friend at a shop so that I could get a notch for free and Derek could get his fogs installed.
I know there's more things he's done I just can't remember at the moment.
Sorry if this is all jumbled up I'm writing on my phone.
I'm honored to have him as a friend.
He also picked up some headlights I needed from craigslist.
The guy selling lived in his town and he was kinda dumb so will had to deal with him and tried a few times to meet with him. He even got a ticket trying to finally meet up with the guy. He didn't ask me for a thing.

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What a great day for the Nation.......a whole mess of valuable members are being recognized.

Will is no different then everyone else. He's been a great contributor in the thread, MTS section and his offline interactions

Well done buddy, again well done

Darth Vader
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Will is a great guy. I've had the opportunity to meet him when he arranged a tune meet a couple years ago. I know he doesn't get on here much anymore, but when he does it's usually helpful in some way.

Congrats Will! :salute:
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