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From The Nation, congratulations to JosueZQ8, Mr. October! :355group:

Ending poll votes:
  • Dlucas' 10/07 TOTM Entry 5 8.77%
  • blurred's 10/07 TOTM Entry 16 28.07%
  • JosueZQ8's 10/07 TOTM Entry 21 36.84%
  • Xtreme07Colorado's 10/07 TOTM Entry 10 17.54%
  • NORMSCOLORADO's 10/07 TOTM Entry 2 3.51%
  • PRC's 10/07 TOTM Entry 3 5.26%

JosueZQ8's Entry Info & Mod List:

Member and Truck Info:
  • Name: Josh Santiago
  • Location: Akron, OH
  • Truck Info: 2004 Victory Red Colorado Reg Cab ZQ8 LS
  • Stock Options: 3.5cyl Auto. Power Everything, Sliding Rear Window, 3:73's. Purchased Brand New April '04.


  • Lund Billet Grill painted Black
  • Black Bowtie
  • Clear Black Headlights and DRL's
  • Chrome Bulbs
  • Z85 Lower Spoiler
  • Painted Handles and Mirrors (Smooth)
  • Painted Stock ZQ8 Rims Brilliant Black Crystal. (Chrysler 300 Color)
  • VHS NiteShade'ed Tails and 3rd Brake Light
  • GM Accessories Tonneau Cover
  • GM Accessories Bed Liner
  • Class 3 Hitch (Used PLENTY of times! pre-mods

  • 2" Belltech Ball Joints
  • 2" Belltech Blocks
  • CCC Transmission Cross Member

  • 20% Tint
  • Factory In Dash 6-Disc (only had a single disc origionally)
  • Trailer Brake Controller (again, used PLENTY of times!)
  • OEM Interface Module
  • Bass Knob
  • Diamond Audio D3 12" D2
  • Diamond Audio D362.5i 2 ways
  • Interfire IB-4900C 4 channel Amp
  • GM Accessories Molded Carpet Floormats
  • GM Accessories Rubber Floormats

  • Custom Intake Tube, Painted High Temp Semi-Gloss
  • BPi Velocity/Flow Stack
  • K&N Filter
  • Gutted Manifold Converter
  • Magnaflow Muffler
  • Dyno Tuned by VMP Tuning (Debury, FL)

Future plans: Not too much in the immediate future. I have my truck exactly how I want it at this point in time and I think it's perfect the way it is. But more so, it's because my life is going to get REAL crazy with my career change and all the moves I'm going to go through in the next year. The truck is going to have to take a back seat to my future!

But naturally I'd love for it to be bagged, shaved, etc and it wouldn't be terribly difficult for me to do myself given my current career. It's just going to have to wait a few years till I have my own house and the time to do it....

JosueZQ8's TOTM entry pics:


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Congrats Josh!!!

I'm going to enter for the month of November, so we might have another lowered Victory Red Rado representing the 355 Nation.

So Vote for me too:kiki: hint, hint....I voted for ya.


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Pretty pumped about this!!:doku2: :yup: :bang: :werd3: :hitit: :click: :2step:

Thanks to everyone for the congrats (except Brewer..:booty: ), and especially thanks to those who voted for me! Even though we're still a small community, the recognition makes all the time and money spent worth it.:355group:

Now it's time to winterize it.
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