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for earning his second Skitz Award!

For those that have been around for a minute, they know that this is my favorite award on here since earning this award is not something the recipient can request (as is with all the other awards).

You are not entitled to this award, it is given to you by the members that feel you have done more than your share to help them in some fashion.

Anyone that has dealt with Jeremy in any capacity knows that he is short... But that's beside the point. He's got a huge heart and will help out with whatever he can. If you have the chance to work with/alongside this man, do not hesitate to take the chance. Congrats Jeremy, it goes unsaid but this is well deserved.

radojim said:
Jeremy took countless trips to the post office during his busy schedual to find out whats up with a missing package being sent to me. once he got it straightened out he even threw in a little extra to compensate for the delay - and he's a kick ass dude!
captainrab said:
He donated a headlight switch to Dustin so I could led his light switch assy. Also paid shipping. Jeramy is a standup guy and a shining example of what the nation should be.
Matt Shadow said:
I would like to recommend 1badI5 for a GS award. He seen I needed a part and let me have it for only shipping, even bumped it up to priority shipping so I could could get back on the road sooner. Something he really didnt have to do, but did anyway.
edvocho said:
offered help as well, and helped out in the past, with super met ideas and moral support when I was about to give up, when no one even knew who I was he was there to push me.
jval said:
I'd like to nominate Jeremy (1BADI5) for the SKitz award. He is an outstanding member of The Nation Community and has provided selfless acts for many members through out his years here. Last week when he heard I was replacing my hub assemblies he instantly sent me a text offering me advice as well as a hell of a deal on a set of rotors and pads he had for sale. He shipped them to me the next day so that I'd have them for my project. If not for his help I would not have been able to complete the swap when it needed to be done.

I am able to award these few and far between anymore it seems. I know that the majority of our members do what they can to help, but the recognition does not seem to be there anymore.

For review, it takes 5 nominations from members for someone to earn this medal. We have a lot of people that are close with 3 or 4 nominations... Also, I have every single nomination that anyone has sent in to me, and the list is long.

If you feel someone is worthy of a nomination, please send me a pm with a title that lets me know it's a Skitz Award Nomination and then tell me why so-n-so deserves the award.

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Congrats Jeremy! One of these days I'm gonna buy you a beer when I'm in your neck of the woods

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Well thank you Boyd for the humbling words!

Thanks for the support from all of my fellow members...both those I only know over the board, the members I have met and the members I'm bound to meet in the coming years.

I also have to thank @Supermodulation aka James for bringing me on board as a Moderator back 5 years ago this month. James and Boyd have both let me do my thing and do it how I do it. Its just good to know that even though I'm the Nation whore.....but I'm still doing right by the forum and its members

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cheers to King Post Whore!!!!
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