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Convoy for Nate (Minitruckin9509) - Hood to rebuild his truck

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Alright guys, I have a hood here that I'd like to get to Nate to help rebuild his red truck. It's a stock hood that came off Forrest's truck when we installed the cowl hood.

Shipping is on the high end (over $100) and I'd like to see if anyone would be willing to help get the hood from Clarksville, TN to Almont, Michigan. I know it's freakin cold out (at least up there) and guys aren't really planning to hit the road (especially just for this), but it is the holiday season and know that some will be driving/traveling.

So, anyone able/willing to help out? I can meet people within a reasonable distance from Clarksville as I am unable to travel far due to work and being on call this month.

Shit, with all the truckers we have, anyone coming through the Nashville, TN area and heading North? :lmao:
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If you can't complete the convoy, I'd be willing to chip in for shipping.
I'll be going from Pittsburgh to Columbus for New Years. Just nor sure if it will fit in whatever vehicle I take.
Im in Nashville so anything I can do to help im here.

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I'd love to help somehow, although I'm extremely north of him currently.
You know I'm down to help. Just let me know.
I "might" be able to help, I'm heading to Jacksboro TN on Sunday (tomorrow) and heading back to Ohio on Thursday. However I'm not driving my truck. Let me check.
I think I can strap it to the roof of my parents Tahoe. If someone can maybe bring it to the jacksboro area of TN, I can bring the hood to at least Dayton Oh
Thanks in advance guys for lending a hand if possible. I need to get my truck going asap. Im unsure how long my beater will last.
@07Colorado4Dr or @mwcky2204 or @pschrags - I am able to get out tomorrow morning and make it to Nashville or Dot to get it across to Geeds. Not sure what anyone else has going on.
Who and where is Geeds? I am off tomorrow so I may can help transport this.

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I'm Geeds, i should be in Jacksboro sometime in the late afternoon early evening hopefully.
@07Colorado4Dr - David, Where would you be able to get this thing to if I came down there to Nashville?
I'm near Cleveland/ Akron, Ohio. Not really planning any trips in the near future but I might be able to swing a few hours this weekend. Unfortunately I am on call so I can't go too far.

Too bad this wasn't happening in March. I'll be in Nashville and coulda gotten it most of the way in one shot.
Right now I have not been able to find anyone that is able to get it across to Geeds. So, this might fall through. I will be following up a phone call tonight to find out if David (07Colorado4Dr) was able to get his vacation time approved. If so, the hood will be able to make it up to Michigan.
Good Deal.
Well let me know
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