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Hello Everyone,

I'm wrapping up a 6.0 swap in my 05 Colorado. I put a custom radiator in it that has a 19"x19-1/4"x2-1/4" core. Truck gets a little hot for just sitting an idling. Can climb up around 210 degrees idling. 217F on a very light drive and cold weather.

I routed in an expansion tank because my radiator sits low. I'm just trying to confirm the heater core in and out. One port is 3/4", the other is 5/8". Just about anywhere on the internet will tell you that 5/8" is the feed line, 3/4" is the return line. However, according to this post: How To: Change Coolant and Inspect Cooling System he is claming that on these trucks the 3/4" is the inlet, in which case I have my routing wrong.

Currently I have my expansion tank's lower hose T'd into the 3/4" heater core hose and the top hose of the expansion tank running to the steam port on the engine.

Can someone confirm the heater core connections on these trucks? TIA


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