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Corvette servo problem & solution

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Hi, I'm new here but want to share some information about installing a Corvette servo into a 05 colorado.
My 4l60e was replaced with a junkyard special. unknown year, so IDK if the servo position changed year to year.

The issue: The servo was so close to the transmission tunnel I was not able to get it out.

the solution: was to remove the 4L60e mount and push the trans 1/2 an inch to the side.
the servo was then able to clear the Tunnel.

The servo has a plenty of videos and posts already, so I won't describe the process.
the servo did help a lot.
My front end will lift a little when shifting into 2nd.
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or put it in one piece at a time it's not hard
1. piece at a time would NOT have worked.

there simply wasn't room to remove the servo.
I tried taking it piece by piece, but the last servo that houses the large spring was not able to clear the tunnel.
hence why unbolting the 60E mount was necessary.
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