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Didnt do the install today, still unsure about a couple of things. My speakers are the db6501 components by polk no amp.
1. The input for xover are the stock woofer wires. I just take the ends of the wires that were attached to my woofers and attach those to the xover or do i have to back track and connect at a point further up the wires. (this confusion is based on me not comprehending what happens to the stock tweeters. Do i just rip them out and leave the plugs and stuff hanging there?)
2. On the crossover there is an adjusting switch for the tweeter intensity. 3,0,-3 dB i dont recall db ratings from my physics class (it was like 2 months ago) so what setting would you reccomend, or is it only really for when you have an amp?
3. Finally, a few people mentioned using the factory clear speaker cups in the installation of the replacement speakers. From what i understand, it is easier to replace the speakers this way. Anyone have any pictures or instructions on what to do? I just cant picture those clear cups being too useful.
4. Has anyone installed these speakers using the included mounting brackets, i was considering just drilling and doing it this way, but not sure if there will be enough clearance.
Thanks everyone!
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