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Crew cab driver window issue

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My driver side window will work on its own sometimes and the other times, it fails to raise or lower from . With the switch engaged, I have to pound once on the side of my door panel and the window starts to move. I've cleaned the track and disconnected battery cables. My Optima RedTop is still pretty new.

I'm not sure if its my switch or the window motor. My window is operates straight and the switch operates the the other windows fine and door locks.
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Take your panel off and actuate the switch back and worth with a voltmeter in the plug for the motor. Then you can see if its a switch being finicky with you or if its the motor. Could possibly be a bad connection at the motor?
Or...just pound harder...;) :D

JK, have you tried tearing apart the switch assy for a looksee?
I used to work for the company that makes our switches. What you touch on the door is just a knob. The actual switch is soldered to a circuit board and is a slider. My experience with these is that they are really reliable.
Now, both my windows are acting up and I know for a fact that it is not the switches. I have found that the window regulator or motor on the driver door is the most likely problem. Some of the track rollers are worn as they kinda flop around. Also, the window seems to be loose in its tracks.
Gotta order some parts.

Cliff shoot me a PM with your number..... I can talk you through it
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