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Hello everyone!

Been a while since I've been on this forum, sold the old Z71 back in '15 I think? Anyway, my life has changed quite a bit since then. From Florida to the UP, eh?

Yesterday I went and test drove a '17 Colorado CC Diesel LT. It really impressed me, trip computer claimed a 28.5mpg average and it didn't require flogging to get up the hills like the Jeep does.

So I started pricing out options on what I'd like in a '20 CC Z71 Trailrunner Diesel... and it comes out to almost the cost of a '19 ZR2 Ext Cab Diesel, with the current rebates. I like the looks of the Ext cab over the CC but am kind of unimpressed with the reduced tow capacity and gas mileage of the ZR2. The major concern is the room for a dog in the back seat area. What I'm thinking I would do is a rear seat delete, not like anyone would ever sit back there, but I'm curious about how much room that actually frees up. If anyone could measure the distance from the back of the center console to the wall about five inches off the floor, I'd really appreciate it! I'd go measure myself but the local dealer doesn't have any extended cabs and the next closest dealer is 2 hours away.

Thanks. :)
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