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Re: thinking about custom center console

What is that console in the first pic?

Looks like something you could use as a starting-point, then reinforce and shape with panels of MDF or Lexan, then maybe fiberglass where needed to get whatever additional shaping, then upholster over the entire thing..
That's the way I imagine going at it...

I wish I could do the same..
I want to relocate my head unit so it's closer and easier to see the display.

If I could do that (relocate my stereo) then I want to make a slide-out mount to hide my Garmin GPS in the double-DIN space in the dash and disguise it to look like a factory radio.

A cool cupholder I saw in a '12 Malibu I rented a few months ago:
The dual cupholders were stationary, but they were recessed deep into the console.
There was sliding cover that closed over them when not in use.
The cover was very low-pro and sleek, but the design was like an old-fashioned roll-top-desk cover.

I'm sure there are others out there that are just as clever or more so, but I don't get much time in other vehicles, that one was just one I saw recently.
That first pic was a custom console, that someone on here built, I just don't remember who.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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