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Custom Gauges for Colorado and Canyon

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The instrument panel and the gauges in it are an incredibly important portion of the driver’s interaction with the vehicle. You scan the gauges constantly because you are involved with your vehicle. After spraying on some custom paint, smokin’ alloy wheels, it’s time to change the one thing you look at the most.

It’s usually only a matter of a few screws and snaps to pull the gauge cluster out of the dashboard. A few minutes of careful disassembly will have the whole cluster sitting in your lap. Then you can install the new gauge overlay. A few minutes are all it takes to get the overlay to sit right on top of your old one. Then simply reinstall the whole business into the dash.

US Speedo is the most known manufacturer of custom gauges and we would like to share with you few options they have:

US Speedo® - Escalade Edition Gauge Face Kit

US Speedo® - Stealth Edition Gauge Face Kit

US Speedo® - Aqua Edition Gauge Face Kit

US Speedo® - Stainless Steel Gauge Face Kit

Also check this installation video to see how easily the gauge can be replaced:

Which one would you like to use to show your individuality?
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Nothing new...these have been around since 2005.

I actually had their first set of white face overlays

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1BADI5, its true. US Speedo is the leading manufacturer of OEM quality gauge restyling products. Being on the market since 2000, they developed wide range of custom gauges with high-quality, which you've already experienced yourself. That small market transitioned into nation-wide orders for unique restyled color gauges on most popular vehicles and they keep improving and developing their production.
So r u saying that u guys r retailers for these face gauges
It would be more convenient also if u had a link straight to them also
t-bone, yes. We are the authorized dealer of US Speedo. You can click on the pictures and check the product. Here is the link for the whole category: US Speedo Custom Gauge Faces, Clusters, Needles & Lenses at
Let me know if you have any other questions!
recon I might need to get myself a set of them there stainless steel gauges, ummhmm
Not to impressed either
I want some old bomber girls on the face or something cool
Sorry off topic. Carid have you ever thought of a Canadian Branch. At the moment to order from the states the brokerage fee is murder.
Sorry off topic. Carid have you ever thought of a Canadian Branch. At the moment to order from the states the brokerage fee is murder.
Oh yes, I am familiar with fees and taxes, but CARiD is not the one who charges it, you only pay the product price and the shipping cost to us. Brokerage and other taxes are charged by Canadian local authorities, however we still have a lot of customers from Canada, because sometimes the total cost on products is lower in compare to local stores.

Some of our customers who wants to avoid such charges order packages to US address and pick them up, others use their own shipper to deliver packages.
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