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Custom Radius Arm/Helper Bag Set-Up

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Well I put all this time and energy into creating a custom, wrap free masterpiece but work had other plans. The ride is actually really good but not dirt roads on construction sites good so I had to go back to full springs.

I made this the be a bolt on kit with tunability in mind through the helper bags.

-The tubes are from ballistic fabrication, 1.5" tube with .25" wall and bung inserts.
-The factory plates where milled to accept the tubing at the correct angle and welded to them.
-A piece of box tubing was added to the rear portion to stiffen the whole assemle and provide support for the leaf springs.
-Front pivot is handled by Curry Johnny Joints. The have urethane races to provide some give and are rebuildable.
-Factory ZQ8 leaves were cut, epoxy painted, uhmw tape between layers and bolted to the plates.

It's hard to go over all the details in pictures but this was a very involved project for me and I almost hate to think back on the time/cost I put into it. Just trying to cut my loses and pass it along at this point. I probably have close to $1000 just in parts. That doesn't include labor, design time, powder coating, etc (machine shops aren't cheap).

It's heavy so local pickup is best but I'm sure I can ship it in the $100-200 range to most of the country.

$500 takes it. When I had local shops quote me for a custom radius arm set-up they wanted $3000+ so someone here is going to get a great deal.

For the short time I had these on the difference in acceleration was amazing! No wrap, no drama. It would either launch me down the road or try and destroy the tires until the TC kicked in, both of which were equally fun.


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I need to clear these out to make room for a renovation. $400?
Any offers? Need this gone.
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