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Hey guys.

So I've finished changing both front axle seals myself, but I wonder if can they be hammered "too far in"?

I think I got a little over-aggressive hammering them in to the point of possibly deforming the metal ring on the backside of the seal itself, and/or damaging the differential/axle tube seal surfaces. It seems to seal just fine for now. My concern is for whatever poor schmuck has to change them next and if I've just ruined an entire axle assembly.

I used a piece of 2-1/4" exhaust tubing as a driver to hammer them in.

Truth be told, I'm gearing up to sell the truck. It's been a nice little truck when it works but becoming an absolute pain to fix. I've baby'd this truck since the day I took it home (2009MY, original owner) and now at 76k miles, everything starts breaking. New hubs, axles and seals, only for it to start leaking out the front pinion. The rack/pinion and transmission are leaking. The left caliper is seizing. The belt is about to go. Already replaced the timing chain, a $1200 job besides GM's contributions. Parts are expensive and I can't even tow anything substantial with it.

It's been fun but no more. Best of luck to the rest of you and your 355's.
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