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Cylinder Head Problems - 3.7L specific only!

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Chime in if you have had issues with your cylinder head on the 3.7L engines only.

We are not interested in the 3.5L issues, we all know them well.

Chime in if you have some experience/input on this subject.
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Compression(psi). #1-188, #2-192, #3-188, #4-190, #5-188

Multiple misfire codes for all cylinders in the memory. Coils looked good, changed out plugs cause they were more fouled than they should be with 37k on the engine and it didn't help.

Having a shop do a valve job is not that much cheaper than getting a reman updated GM head with a year warranty. Is it going to actually be any better than what I have?

Any other good cylinder head companies? Rockauto has a new Famous Brand head for $760 but I don't know anything about them and can't find much. Spartan/ATK is $800.
Russ- Gonna combine my answer to both of your responses, thanks for those btw.
The engine only has 37k miles on it so being down 23-27 psi from new and seeing misfires live with good coils and new plugs was what caused my mechanic to feel like it was a valve/guide issue. At that mileage I would hope that sensors and O2s aren't bad but you never know. It passed smog about a month ago and nothing else caught his eye when he did the deep scan of it.

As for the repair itself getting a new head is about $700 more than a valve job (in line with the numbers you quoted) so I agree that a valve job is probably the smarter move. I just wanted to check that I wouldn't be band-aiding a cylinder head with other problems that would show later. This is the only major work I want to do on this thing for another 120k (thought I already had a truck to do that).

There is actually a machine shop right by my mechanic but thank you for looking up those places.
1 - 2 of 106 Posts