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Dan's 2.9L Turbo Build

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Here is my build. I'm already done technically, but when is any build actually done?

I'll start with the interior swap. I went from a manual door locks, manual windows and that ugly pewter dash color to black powered. I followed fuzzkill's "how to: Adding FACTORY power windows/locks/mirrors"

I had to run wires from one door to the other and the wiring diagrams provided from the how to made it much easier. When it was all said and done it took me about 2 day to finish everything up. The only thing I was not able to wire up was the BCM for the wireless door fob.

It was awesome just using the switch and the passenger window came down.

Plus it looks 10x better


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Dude that is beautiful is it all stock internals an any pointers for where to buy the turbo
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